Win #13 for Felix Hernandez of the Mariners on Friday night pushes him all the way up to the runner-up slot in the AL Cy Young rankings. There is a lot of flux because so many of the leading contenders are clustered in wins and innings pitched (which is the one variable that invariably goes up with each start). Look for Felix to drop a few spots between now and his next start.

But like Greinke, wins are critical for Felix. If he can maintain the #1 or #2 ERA and finish with a few more wins thean Greinke and Halladay, he’s got a shot. A complete game or two would really help as well.

The standings through August 28:

  1. Zack Greinke, Royals 142 points
  2. Felix Hernandez, Mariners 132 points
  3. Justin Verlander, Tigers 125 points
  4. Roy Halladay, Blue Jays 122 points
  5. CC Sabathia, Yankees 116 points
  6. Josh Beckett, Red Sox 93.5 points
  7. Edwin Jackson, Tigers 59 points
  8. Jered Weaver, Angels 54 points
  9. Jarrod Washburn, Tigers/Mariners 42 points
  10. Jon Lester, Red Sox 37 points