Roy Halladay put an emphatic stop to his recent slide last night (Sep 4), shutting out the Yankees and giving up only one hit. His ERA dropped back under 3 (it’s now 2.98) and he tied Zack Greinke for the league lead in complete games with 6. It was also his 2nd shutout, still trailing Greinke’s 3 but pulling him out of a logjam of pitchers with only 1 shutout.

In the meantime Justin Verlander of the Tigers posted his 16th win, tying CC Sabathia for the league lead. Jered Weaver of the Angels also won his 14th. And Scott Feldman of the Rangers, who hasn’t been regarded as a top contender, posted his 15th win against only 4 losses and now ranks alone in 3rd in wins.

So with less than a month to go, the race is still Greinke’s to lose, but Halladay three his hat emphatically back into the ring. The standings thru Sept 4:

  1. Zack Greinke 150 points
  2. Justin Verlander 146 points
  3. Roy Halladay 142 points
  4. Felix Hernandez 128 points
  5. CC Sabathia 121 points
  6. Josh Beckett 68.5 points
  7. Jered Weaver 63.5 points
  8. Edwin Jackson 49 points
  9. Scott Feldman 47 points
  10. Jon Lester 37 points