Perhaps this is not Greinke’s quite yet? Roy Halladay threw another complete game shutout last night, his 3rd of the year. That ties him with Greinke atop the AL. It was also Halladay’s 8th complete game of the year, putting him 2 ahead of Greinke for first in the league. His ERA dropped below 3 (now 2.90), ranking him third. And it was his 16th win, one more than Greinke.

I know most of the more sophisticated stats still put Greinke ahead, but in the minds of the relative simpletons in the media who vote for the Cy Young, Halladay is now on par or ahead of Greinke in many of the key stats. Not to mention the infuriating American tendency to consider irrelevant facts like career achievement in voting for one-year awards (how else to explain Martin Scorsese finally winning his Oscar), which also favours Halladay over Greinke, and I can see Roy winning another one.

Felix Hernandez has also been sensational lately and ranks ahead of Halladay in wins, strikeouts and ERA, but combine his youth and his West Coast address and I don’t see him realistically finishing higher than 3rd.

So the final week still shapes up to be very very interesting. CC Sabathia, by the way, still has a shot at 20 wins, which likely weighs heavily in some of the decrepit voters’ minds. The standings through Sept. 25:

  1. Roy Halladay, Blue Jays 153 points
  2. Zack Greinke, Royals 151 points
  3. Felix Hernandez, Mariners 149 points
  4. CC Sabathia, Yankees 128 points
  5. Justin Verlander, Tigers 128 points
  6. Josh Beckett, Red Sox 80 points
  7. Jon Lester, Red Sox 54 points
  8. Edwin Jackson, Tigers 52 points
  9. Jered Weaver, Angels 48 points
  10. Scott Feldman, Rangers 40 points