The season is now complete (except for the playoff in the AL Central between the Twins and Tigers). So here are the final AL Cy Young rankings based on the admittedly unscientific and ad hoc formula explained here. The intent was to consider the types of factors that real-life baseball writers would consider, so there are no advanced xfip-type stats here. These are not who I think is the best, but who I think is most likely to win.

That being said, my gut says the final rankings are wrong. Zack Greinke was clearly the best pitcher in baseball this year, yet his lack of wins pushes him down to 3rd in these rankings. Some voting writers have been quoted saying that not having enough wins may cost Greinke the award, but we’ll have to wait and see. The predicted winner, by the way, did not appear atop these rankings until this final post after an outstanding finish to the season. The final rankings:

  1. Felix Hernandez, Mariners 156 points
  2. Roy Halladay, Blue Jays 150 points
  3. Zack Greinke, Royals 146 points
  4. Justin Verlander, Tigers 137 points
  5. CC Sabathia, Yankees 128 points
  6. Josh Beckett, Red Sox 73 points
  7. Jon Lester, Red Sox 66 points
  8. Jered Weaver, Angels 54 points
  9. Edwin Jackson, Tigers 40 points
  10. Kevin Millwood, Rangers 31 points