The Grizzlies suffered the 400th loss in their Memphis history last night to the Portland Trail Blazers. It only took them 137 games to lose their last 100, which is their fastest pace of losing since leaving Vancouver. Here’s how long it took them to lose every 100 games:

  • 141 games to lose their first 100 (41-100)
  • 230 games (!) to lose their 2nd 100 (they were a pseudo-respectable 171-200 overall at that point)
  • 156 games to lose their 3rd 100 (227-300 all time)
  • 137 games to lose their 4th 100 (264-400 all time)

I was saying to a friend last night that I can’t wait for Vancouver to get another NBA team so I can stop cheering for the Grizzlies. My god it’s awful.